This is a story about solutions.


Our founders’ backgrounds have given us the unique ability to recognize the problems in the current online digital marketplace and to pinpoint the necessary solutions.

We have first-hand experience working with large digital marketing agencies because before Sesam, we worked at our own companies and sought online digital services. We found ourselves paying high fees to companies that could not offer us tailored projects that ensured our satisfaction and success. We wound up waiting long lengths of time for inadequate results and eventually realized that the right freelancers were able to offer more personalized services at much lower costs. However, finding quality freelancers was no easy task–it required lots of research and a significant amount of time devoted to reviewing and revising projects to ensure results.

On the other side, we also have digital marketing experts at Sesam who previously worked at digital marketing agencies. At those companies, we experienced the stress of trying to offer in-house services at fast rates, and often wound up overextended and unable to provide adequate customer service. Projects piled up, and we eventually were forced to turn to freelancers to complete work for us.

Finally, we all came together to create the solution.

Sesam’s unique platform bridges the gap between quality services and affordable costs, all while saving our clients’ time. You no longer need to search for quality freelancers because we’ve already found them! You no longer need to waste time reviewing their work for something resembling what you want, because our project managers do internal revising and reviewing to ensure that what is ultimately presented to you is exactly what you want.

Here at Sesam, we know the problems because we’ve experienced them too. We’re certain that our solutions are effective, because we didn’t stop until they were exactly what we had once searched for.

We are changing digital marketing for awesome brands across the globe.